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Chicken Pad Gaprao (aka Pad Kra Pao)


ข้าวกะเพราไก่+ไข่ดาว Pad Gaprao (Pad Kra Pao) Holy Basil, Chicken Stir-Fried on rice + Fried Egg)

This is one of most popular Thai street food, local Thai people love this menu. It's spicy🌶, healthy 💪and tasty 😉.

If you need special 🔥 spicy 🥵, please give me a note.

Ingredients : Chicken meat, Thai chilies, garlic, olive oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, black soy sauce, brown sugar and Thai basil.

Funfact: This popular Thai dish has many English spellings: Pad Kra Pao, Pad Ka Prao, Pad Ka Pow, Pad Krapow...etc. "Pad gaprao" is the phonetically closest spelling

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